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Perilous Marathon Manual

Welcome to perilous Marathon, a game by IMS Productions!

1. Getting started

Windows version:

Once you download the game onto your computer, you can extract where ever you wish the game to be stored. Just launch perilousMarathon.exe and start playing!

Mac version:

Once you download the game to your computer, go to the downloads folder and open perilousMarathon_mac.dmg. You will find the .app file that needs to be copied to your applications folder. Once you are done, feel free to eject and remove the disk image.

2. Launching for the first time

When you run the game for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a name. If you are registered, this name will be used for accessing and posting to the scoreboards. You can change this at any time in the options menu explained later on in this manual.

2.1. Mac OS warning!

If you're using Mac OS to play, it is strongly recommended that you disable VoiceOver. If VoiceOver is left enabled while you play, VoiceOver may hold down the playing keys after they have been released.

3. The User interface

This game is written with blind and visually impaired people in mind, so there are absolutely no graphics. This game has audio interfaces, which can be controled using the keyboard. Here are the types of interfaces that you will encounter and how to navigate them

3.1. Dialogs:

3.1.1. Text dialogs

Most of the time perilous Marathon will speak through the first available screen reader. If there is no reader active or you are playing on the Mac, it will use SAPI5 or NSSS. There are times where the game will need to display some important information, so it will display text dialogs. Text dialogs are just spoken like everything else, however you must press the Return key to dismiss them and pressing all four arrow keys will repeat the message being displayed. If you wish to copy the current dialog to the clipboard, press the letter C.

3.1.2. Instructional dialogs:

Instructional dialogs are used when viewing the game instructions or stats for a game. They function just like normal text dialogs, so just press enter to keep moving forward. They are designed to make sure the user understands before continuing.

3.1.3. Audio dialogs:

Audio dialogs play a sound and you must wait for the sound to be finished playing before the game continues. You can press Return to skip the playing sound and move along quicker.

3.2. Menus:

Menus are very self-explanatory. You can press Up and Down arrows to select an option and Return to activate the focused item. If you miss what the menu is, you can press the Tab key to hear the title. Pressing Page up and Page down encreeses and decreeses the volume of the music if it is playing. You can press Escape to go to the previous menu or exit the game if you are in the main menu.

3.3. Input boxes:

Input boxes in this game are easy to use. Pressing the Tab key will repeat the title of the input box if you missed what it was, and Return submits the entered input to the game. Left and Right arrows move your cursor, and Home and End will move you to the top or bottom of the input box. Please note: there are text boxes that are predefined. This means that they will contain text already entered, so make sure that you are not typing information over other text. It is recommended that you review the entered text by pressing the Up or Down arrows.

4. Menu overview:

When you launch perilous Marathon, you will be put in the main menu. Here are the options and a short description of each option.

4.1. The main menu:

4.2. The options menu:

This is a small overview of the options menu. Everything is self-explanatory.

5. Playing the game:

Once you start the game, you will hear the game counting down and you will start walking. The objective in the game is to score as many points as possible while your character speeds up in time and you encounter bombs, hazards, blades and horses.

5.1: hazards and obstacles

Here is a list of the different types of obstacles you will face in the game.

5.2. Keyboard controls:

Here is a list of keys and what they do.

5.3. Items:

When you are running, you will hear a clicking sound. This is most likely an item. When you think you are close to it, press the spacebar to pick it up. Here is a list of them:

5.4. Score posting:

IF you score 75 points or higher, you are able to post your score if you are playing the full version. Please note: to post your score you must have an active internet connection. Once your score is sent, you will be told what position you scored. Can you reach position one?

6. Registration and updates:

Parilous Marathon is available for $5.99. To order, please click here
Once you have purchased your key you may activate your game using the register option in the main menu.

6.1. Important notes about activating

Once you purchase your key, it will be processed by IMS Productions. This process can take up to 24 hours. If you have not received this key within two days after purchase, please get in contact with us. While registering, you must have an active internet connection to check with the IMS server everything entered is correct.

6.2. Sharing and pirating keys:

Sharing your Parilous Marathon product key is absolutely not allowed. If you are using a pirated key or a key you do not own, we strongly encourage you purchase your own product key for the game. If IMS Productions detects that your key is being abused, we will try to get in contact with you. If there is no response within 7 days, your key will be flagged and deactivated.

7. Credits:

Thank you to the following people who have helped me develop this game. With out them, this game would have never been possible, and definitely not what it is today!

7.1. Development:

Thanks to the following people who have helped significantly in game development.

7.2. Beta testers:

Thanks to the following people for testing the game and sending feedback.

8. Copyright and terms of use:

copyright IMS-Productions 2019-2021, All Rights Reserved. Reverse engineering, decompileing, decoding, decrypting, disassembling, or in any way deriving source code or any of the components from the Software, is prohibited and may result in the civil or criminal penalties permitted by law. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. You are permitted to play the full version of Perilous Marathon, only in case you own a product key yourself. Using a product key you did not purchase, as well as sharing your product key to third-parties, is strictly forbidden and will result in permanent product key deactivation.

Change log

Changes in Perilous Marathon version 1.63:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.62:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.61:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.6:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.52:

Changes in Perilous Marathon version 1.51:

Changes in Perilous Marathon version 1.5:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.4:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.3:

Changes in Perilous Marathon 1.2:

Changes in PerilousMarathon version 1.1: