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Perilous Marathon!

Are you ready to run for your life? I hope you are. In this fast-paced game, you are running from left to right collecting items and trying to get the best score. Sound easy? Great! Because its not.

features include:


Perilous Marathon is available for $10.00, however you can play for free if you only wish to play the demo. The demo only lets you play for 5 minutes, at which you will need to purchase a product key to continue playing. Scoreboards are also disabled in the free version. If you wish to purchase your copy, please fill out the information required in the purchase form below.

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Windows version:

Mac version:


If you wish to read the manual for the game, you can do so by clicking the link below. View the manual

Download Game

Use the links below to download the game

Windows version:

Download windows portable copy(.zip)

Mac OS version:

Download disk image(.dmg)