Scrolling battles (your world)

Scrolling Battles (Your world) is an open-world 2d exploration game. It consists of a network of players, hundreds of maps to explore, and a powerful builder to create your own maps.

main game highlights:


Scrolling battles (your world) is completely free to play with no limitations, however you can support the game by purchasing a one-time account to keep our servers running. Paid accounts get the following benefits: Remember that if you don't like all the items in the paid account, you can buy more than one to double or tripple the first inventory. You can also sell items in the store buy typing negative amounts in the quantity input box and get 50 percent their worhth.

Purchase paid account

If you would like to purchase a paid account, fill out the purchase form below. If you are looking to purchase a paid account for someone else, that's fine. Just type their player name in the order page along with their email address. Once your payment is complete, we will email you back a confirmation email telling you that your account has been activated, with all inventory items added.
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Download SBYW

Current version: 4.7.8download .zip archive